Week 21 of the Master Key Experience

Thoughts swirling like dust motes drifting in the sunlight.  What do I write about this week?  So much on my mind.  Attempting to stay the observer and not take any of it personally.  I wish I could say that was easy this past week, yet that would be a lie.  The old blueprint still has a few tricks up her sleeve and she does not want to go gentle into the good night.

Thoughts and questions like, “why when I focus on something to happen, the opposite does?”  “why have I placed myself in places to be judged?”  “what am I pretending not to know?”  “what if I am the greatest miracle?”  “what am I afraid of?”  “what am I ashamed of?”  Yeah, really deep stuff.

I go back and forth on whether it’s better to be out and about and engaging with people or stay home and work and protect my energy.  This weekend I have a retreat to go to, and I am looking forward to seeing many of my friends and yet, there’s a part of me that wishes I could “Zoom” it in.  People have always considered me an extrovert because I do know how to be social with people successfully, yet after years of teaching, sometimes those energies seem like too much.  I like the term “ambivert” – those who have both introverted and extroverted tendencies.  It’s been rainy this week, so perhaps that’s why I feel a bit more introverted.  Glorious sunshine does do this body good!

The judgement thing has been on my mind the past couple of days.  Naila and I masterminded about it today.  I don’t ever recall a time of feeling like I was normal, like I fit in.  I do celebrate that at times, and yet at times I yearn to fit in.  I know, why fit in when you were born to stand out?  Hence, the quandary.  My mother was raised in an alcoholic home where standing out was dangerous.  I was not raised in that situation, yet I have probably picked up some of her coping mechanisms.  One of her biggest concerns was “what will the neighbors think?”  Obviously by some of my decisions in life, I rebelled against that.  I put myself in places where I could and would be judged – getting a divorce when it was still not that common, being a single mom, marrying a Jewish man when I was Christian (at the time), becoming a high school teacher (talk about putting yourself in front of a room full of judges! LOL!), teaching a cutting-edge fitness program that’s outside the box and still not well-known, becoming an entrepreneur and a network marketer, studying and practicing Kundalini yoga, all while living in the back woods of Tennessee.  Even writing these out for the world to see feels scary.  What will you think of me?  Will you judge me and find me lacking?  Will you no longer want to be my friend?  Will you decide I’m too bizarre and forget about me?  Are these your thoughts or are they mine?  What we see is a reflection of our internal world.  Mine feels like a hurricane at the moment.  And part of me only wants the calm eye to catch my breath and decide which way to go next.

This past week a friend posted on Facebook about The Greatest Showman and how wonderful it was along with the soundtrack.  She said it was perfect for those who were entrepreneurs.  Of course, that got my attention! LOL!  So while I haven’t seen it yet, I searched YouTube for the songs and found words that spoke to my heart.  Now I HAVE to go see this movie…and soon!  Two songs spoke to me deeply…

This Is Me (watch the first few minutes to get a deeper meaning)

and From Now On (also watch the first few minutes)

So these two songs have become my anthems.  Both bring tears to my eyes, letting me know I’ve reached deep into my soul and these songs are healing those wounded parts of myself who have made me who I am.

It took Hugh Jackman and crew 7.5 years to bring this to life.  No matter how long it takes me, my life is a brilliant burst of love and creativity!  I am nature’s greatest miracle and it’s a beautiful journey…all of it!

Week 20 of the Master Key Experience

Wow!  20 weeks in!  Only 6 weeks left.  That sure went by quickly!  In a way, it feels like I’ve always been doing this and in others, it’s like I’m brand new.  Definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  And as I shared in my Facebook Live today, it’s smart to invest in yourself.

There are still those days of two steps forward and one step back, yet they seem to be happening less and less.  I’m able to pivot when something “negative” happens and see it as a positive.  I’m beginning to trust myself more and see myself as this wonderful aspect of the Divine.  Not perfect, simply perfect in my perfection as an extension of Divine energy.  The more I read of Haanel, the more it explains so much that I never quite understood when I started my self-discovery journey 20 years ago.  The dots are connecting, and the picture they’re forming is absolutely breathtaking!

Through this process, I’ve been able to discover so much about myself and ways to help myself and others:

  • I absolutely loved going through the Go90Grow experience Mark and Davene also offer and have implemented those skills to help my business grow.  If you’re in network marketing, I highly recommend it.  It’s far more than skills; it’s also personal growth and building a social media audience.
  • I’ve also vastly improved my health and fitness.  Before I was only able to work out a few times a week, even as a fitness trainer.  Now because of my focus in True Health (one of my PPNs) and my consistency with my healthy lifestyle of eating plant-based and taking my fave supplements, I’m working out not only every day, but twice every day!  That would’ve never happened before because I didn’t believe it was possible.  Now I KNOW it is and I’m loving how I’m feeling!
  • Master Minding with Naila and Stephana opened new doors in my life, and I likely would’ve never met these two lovely ladies without the MKMMA course!
  • I have a much better relationship with my children and my hubby.  We have deeper conversations and no longer simply chat about superficial things.

Life not only is good, it feels good!

And I am so thankful!


Week 19 of the Master Key Experience

Well, this week started out rough!  Either I was upleveling BIG TIME, or I had been exposed to the flu that’s been dropping people like flies in my area. 




Either way, I spent Monday in bed reading and sleeping.  Of course, the logical thing to have done would’ve been to read my Master Key materials even more.  However, that’s not what I did.  I felt active rebellion going on and refused to read them, other than I did read the week 19 passage once.  No sits, no Greatest Salesman, no service cards, no affirmation cards, nada.  Ironic considering that my Franklin Makeover word this week was self-control.  LOL!


I dug in like a toddler who was throwing a tantrum and there was no way I was doing what I was supposed to do, other than rest and take my supplements to hopefully bypass whatever had a hold of me.

By Tuesday morning, I was feeling better physically (#guthealthROCKS) and yet really down on myself for not being consistent with my readings and promises.  Had I ruined all my hard work of the previous 4 months?  Would I not reach my goals as a result of my defiance?  As I sat in my sit Tuesday morning, I pondered over this and asked, “What can I do to feel more confident?”  Tears streamed down my cheeks, a frequent occurrence in my sits.  Melting away old cement.  After my sit was done, I watched the video Mark shared for the week – the coolest Ted Talk about Power Poses.  As I’m watching, I’m realizing my answer had come to me!  How freakin’ cool was THAT?  Ask and ye shall receive IS true!  If you just stay focused on what it is you want and not the absence of it, it’s amazing what will happen!


The rest of this week I have felt AWESOME!  

This passage from week 19 of the Master Keys has been demonstrated over and over to me this week…

19-17.  You may know that thought constantly, eternally is taking form, is forever seeking expression, or you may not, but the fact remains that if your thought is powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your health, your business and your environment.  If your thought is weak, critical, destructive and negative generally, it will manifest in your body as fear, worry and nervousness, in your finance as lack and limitation, and in discordant conditions in your environment.

So despite my defiance and rebellion, I’m back on track and feeling stronger than ever.  Perhaps it was the last gasp from the old blueprint.  Perhaps it was my mind and body being uncomfortable in its new location in time and space.  Whatever it was, I give great thanks for it because it brought me to a new place and realization.  I do have control over my response and I can create whatever I want!  Like everything else in my life – the good, the bad, the ugly – it’s all part of the journey and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Week 18 of the Master Key Experience

Maybe it’s just me.  This has been the craziest feeling week.  Tie intense personal development and a full/blood/blue moon, and lunar eclipse together, and you’ll feel like you’re going crazy, too!  If you’re reading this and it scares you about taking the MKMMA when it’s offered again, PLEASE don’t let it.  It will be the most rewarding thing you’ll do for yourself.  But it’s work and your blueprint will resist.

Ever heard the crab in the bucket theory?  If a crab tries to escape from a bucket or trap, the other crabs will try to pull him or her back down to their level.  People may say they admire someone who’s different, but actually dealing with someone like that in their midst will often elicit that crab in the bucket reaction.  You become a mirror to them about what they’re not doing with their lives.  That also applies for the self you’ve been for 20, 30, 40, 50, or more years.  It will resist.  So what to do?  I chose this week to increase my meditation/sit time and that helped tremendously.  I’ve been dedicated to my MKMMA exercises, and continued with them with a little more en-thuuuuu-siasm.  I embraced the person I had been and chose to thank her for getting me this far and let her know it was OK to release the resistance.  I would be fine.

I also learned from this analogy.  Back in August after I returned from the T-Tapp Trainers Certs, I began daily exercise…something I’d never done before.  Previously, I was consistent in my workouts, yet never every day.  So since mid-August, I have done a workout EVERY SINGLE DAY, mostly T-Tapp or Kundalini Yoga, though I recently discovered Yoga Shred and have added that to my daily T-Tapp or yoga.  I also added in a 30 minute walk on the treadmill 2 or more times per week.  Now in the past, that would’ve exhausted me to the point of being in bed for a couple of days from overtaxing my body.  However, this time my body adapted positively.  And now, 5 months later, I’m seeing the results.  I’m more flexible, more resilient, have more stamina and strength, and simply feel better physically and emotionally.  Turns out my body was CRAVING this type of freedom and true health to show how strong she could be!  I began to trust myself more as I demonstrated that I could do far more than I thought possible even 6 months ago.  So what’s the connection?  Daily consistent practice is necessary to see results.  And it’s not always fun.  You may not see the results in the timetable you have in your brain, yet you will see them.  Anytime I start to feel discouraged about my progress towards my DMP goals, I’m choosing to remind myself that if I keep doing the work, the results will follow.  They must.  I’ve seen it work.

Another piece of the puzzle is belief.  I have to believe it’s possible.  The old blueprint has struggled mightily over the past couple of weeks to attempt to convince me that I couldn’t achieve my DMP goals.  Telling me I was crazy for thinking I could do this.  And besides, even if I did, I couldn’t hang on to them.  My father couldn’t, so what made me think I could?  Yet, I am not my father.  His journey was different from mine.  He made his decisions, and I am making mine.  I choose to be successful, courageous, healthy, and reach my goal of Diamond within my company and achieve everything in my Press Release.  I know it is happening.  Even when it appears it’s not, it is.  This I now know.

Finally, this week was movie week.  I chose to watch Finding Joe again.  If you’ve not seen this documentary, WATCH IT!  Seeing it again after having been in the MKMMA experience granted some huge a-has!  I’ve learned to embrace my dragons.  To keep moving forward.  To know that there is value in every step I go through.  And to trust myself.  I’m smarter than I’ve ever let myself believe.  Seriously…watch this movie!



Week 17HJ of the Master Key Experience

Old blueprint under attack…

Wednesday morning I awoke from a dream of being under attack.  To my recollection, I’ve never dreamed of being under attack before.  It was reminiscent of how people described the false missile alarm on Hawaii a couple of weeks ago.  I grabbed up my baby, gathered supplies, and went to find a safe place.


What baby?

My babies are grown.

When I first woke, I thought it might’ve been my grandson I was holding and protecting.  The more I thought about it, the baby wasn’t a boy.  It was a girl.  And then it hit me…my blueprint was under attack and I was holding my inner child for safety.  Hmmmm.  One of the more obvious symbolic dreams I’ve ever had.

During last Sunday’s webinar, Mark talked about how the old blueprint was dying and how we’re dying to our old selves.  Immediately, this scene from Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back came to mind:

Having watched this many years ago, I had always thought it foreshadowed Luke learning Vader was his father (spoiler alert! LOL!).  However, in light of the Master Keys experience and the Hero’s Journey, I also see it as Luke’s old self dying in order for him to become the Jedi Knight he needs to be.

Another observation from this week…I video chatted with my daughter who lives in Belgium.  I’m very thankful for the technology that allows us to see each other and not rely on only the written word.  During our conversation, she was telling me how thankful she was for her mother-in-law, a very lovely woman who has definitely made my daughter feel welcome in her family.  As I listened, I observed my feelings.  Only a few short months ago, I would’ve felt jealous and wondered why she seemed to prefer her mother-in-law to me.  Now I could only feel appreciation for my daughter being fortunate enough to have a mother-in-law who adores her and makes her feel like one of the family.  Progress indeed.

Because this week was somewhat of a review week, we had choices for our Master Key readings.  Going back to previous readings with the knowledge I have now revealed even more insights.  Now I was understanding what Haanel was saying.  Now I saw how far I’d progressed in the sits, remembering my early sits and how much I struggled to sit still and clear my mind.  My sits are still quite emotional, often ending in tears, yet I let them flow, knowing I’m grieving for that old self that’s becoming new.

And you know what…that’s OK! 🙂

When Your MasterMind Partner Points Out You Have a Big But…aka Week 17 of the Master Key Experience

MasterMind heads

To say that I adore my MasterMind partner Naila would be an understatement.  I’m in awe of how similar we are and how we were brought together through the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance.  A MasterMind partner is someone who will hold you accountable and tell you things you need to hear, even if you don’t want to hear them.  That person also holds a vision of your vision to help add energy and focus to it.

So why did Naila tell me I had a big but?  Well, she didn’t mean physically, thankfully!    Today was one of those rough days where so much cement was sloughing off, yet I kept putting it back on.  How was I doing that?  By saying the word “but” with every positive statement I said.  “I’m doing the right stuff, but nothing’s happening.” “I’m supposed to be the leader, but I feel like such an impostor.” “I want to reach this goal, but I’m afraid I won’t make it by the deadline I set for myself.”  You get the picture…

Yes but

Naila asked could she point out something to me, and once I agreed, she said she had been counting the “buts” I’d been saying and had counted 6 in the past few minutes.  And here I was thinking that “uhs” were annoying.  Those “buts” are even more annoying.

Argue for your limitations and they’re yours.  It’s like two steps forward and one step back.  There’s forward motion, but it’s tiny.  So now I am aware of how many “buts” I use in my daily language speaking, and probably countless more in my head thinking.  If y’all catch me saying “but”, you have my permission to point it out to me as I’m rewriting my blueprint.

Speaking of permission, that was a word Mark used in Sunday’s webinar that grabbed my attention.  How often do we not give ourselves permission to do what we really want?  As one of the GRITS (Girls Raised In The South), I was a diligent rule follower.  I obey the speed limit.  I don’t stray often out of the box.  I did what my teachers asked of me.  Even this week as I slipped up on one of my daily MKMMA activities (my first), I sobbed because of the guilt of not following things exactly as I was supposed to.  Perfectionist much?  Why am I so hard on myself?  I have no problem granting grace to others…why can I not grant it to myself?

So this week, I gave myself permission in several ways.  On a morning where I still felt tired when my alarm went off and I didn’t have to be anywhere specific (thank you, snow days!), I verbally gave myself permission to sleep another hour and the day went so much better than if I’d pushed through without additional rest.  I gave myself permission to be successful and happy.  And I found recordings and videos that brought forth those feelings for me.  I gave myself permission to be myself.  What does that mean?  Well, I’m still discovering that, but (it almost slipped through!) and I give myself permission to take the journey and be raw, open, and vulnerable about what that looks like (future blog coming!).

We’re adults now!  We can give ourselves permission to live beyond the labels that were put on us or we adopted unknowingly.  To move forward toward that vision we want our lives to become.  In fact, we’re the ONLY ones who can give ourselves that permission.  No one else can.

So if you’re a chronic rule follower like I have been, give yourself permission to do whatever you dream!  It’s possible!

Believe its possible

Week 16 of the Master Key Experience

This week has been one of the most amazing weeks I’ve ever been through!


Kindness is everywhere if you look for it.  It’s even better when you create it.  It’s been absolutely wonderful to see all the kindness examples in the Alliances!  As of publishing time today, we’re up to 6,231 acts of kindness and compliments on those acts.  That’s incredible from about 300 or so people!  And that doesn’t count the many that have been shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.


There really aren’t words for the joy I feel in my heart for seeing these kindnesses being performed and witnessed by our Master Key members!  Not that I was grinchy, but I kinda feel like my heart grew like the Grinch’s did!

Law of Relaxation

Relax and allow

The 7 Laws of the Mind continue to reveal themselves to me in super cool ways.  This week, I was running behind for a meeting with one of my team members.  There was no way I was going to be on time.  My appointment was at 10am and it was 9:46 and I was 20 minutes away.  In the past, I would’ve rushed and also texted apologizing that I would be late.  But something told me to just relax.  I was listening to The Strangest Secret in the World and chose to relax and trust all was well.  As I turn on to Main Street, there’s a parking space right in front of the coffee shop where I’m to meet her.  (WIN!) I get out of the car and grab my stuff, pausing to look at my watch…9:59am.  I had made it with a minute to spare.  I’m sure people wondered why I burst into laughter standing beside my car on Main Street, but who cares!  I’ve taken that lesson with me all week long.  When I begin to worry about something, I trust that it’s all happening in the perfect timing.  It’s the first time one of my BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) has felt achievable even though it’s a big one.  I now KNOW it’s unfolding in the perfect timing in the perfect way with the perfect experiences along the way.

So if you’re reading this thinking about joining in the Master Key MasterMind Alliance program for 2018-2019 or beyond…DO IT!  You’ll love the person you become along the way!

Week 15 of the Master Key Experience

15-3. Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require. 

15-5. We cannot obtain what we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have. 

15-6. Nothing may reach us except what is necessary for our growth. 

15-7. All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit. 

15-8. We gain permanent strength exactly to the extent of the effort required to overcome difficulties. 

15-13. It is evident, therefore, that if we wish desirable conditions, we can afford to entertain only desirable thoughts. 

15-29. We can get only what we give; if we pledge ourselves to a certain action we must be prepared to assume the responsibility for the development of that action.

15-32. Insight enables us to be prepared for the obstacles which we shall meet; we can therefore overcome them before they have any opportunity of causing difficulty. 

These are the passages from Week 15 of the Master Keys that I highlighted.  This new year of 2018 has started out very good,  Yet the old blueprint rears its head every once and awhile to let me know it’s not dead yet.  I wonder why I doubt myself.  I look at the cards I’ve written out, countless examples of things I’ve done that I have been quite successful at.  Why should there be any doubt that I can do anything I want to achieve?  Who am I trying to prove myself worthy to?  The world?  My friends and family?  Myself?  Ah, perhaps that’s it.  By saying I’m worthy, I’m defeating the old blueprint that had me believing I had to prove myself.  That I wasn’t worthy unless I did X, Y, and/or Z.

The experiment shared in Haanel about the wingless aphids who grew wings because the rosebush they had been living on had died is symbolic of the old blueprint.  Do I have to wait until the blueprint is dead to grow my wings and fly?

Jump and grow your wings on the way down

Perhaps not.

Week 14 of the Master Key Experience

The Observer

Over the past week and a half, I’ve been much more the observer of my life.  We spent time with my in-laws, and it was quite interesting to watch the play of emotions and drama that usually arises.  In a way, it was quite fun to watch everyone’s blueprint being played out.  This was the first holiday in quite awhile where I wasn’t sad that I wasn’t spending time with my kids.  I mean, I was sad, but I wasn’t devastated.  It ended up being quite a peaceful holiday.

Again, I did miss not having our usual Sunday MKE webinar. The video with week 14 materials was wonderful and I guess that’ll make up for not having it! LOL!

More cement continues to fall off.  I’m wondering about changing a PPN yet again.  I went from Liberty to Legacy and now I’m pondering Legacy to Freedom.  I know they’re all interconnected with each other and that when I have Legacy, I also have Freedom.  I know Mark would say to simply choose one, but I like to mull things over a bit.  True Health is definitely one PPN…I didn’t even have to think about that one.  Mulling over whether choosing freedom is the lazy way out of going big or is it truly what I want.  Am I settling or do I really not need Legacy?

One of the biggest blessings of this whole experience is connecting with those who want to delve into the mindset and discuss the deeper questions and meanings.  My MasterMind partner is one of those people, and we have been known to get so involved in our discussions that we suddenly realize it’s been 2 hours!  Even though they go over our allotted time, they feed me in a deep and meaningful way.  Is that the freedom I’m seeking?

Week 14’s Master Key reading has also brought forth deeper thoughts, especially paragraph 23 about the power of prayer.  I was raised Episcopalian and was a steady churchgoer for many years.  I fell away for a few years in my first marriage until the children were born.  Then I got involved again at an especially loving and caring congregation.  They helped see me through my difficult divorce and getting started on my own.  Later when I met my husband, who was raised Jewish, he came with me to a few services.  But then he asked me questions about my beliefs.  And I realized I couldn’t explain them beyond what I was taught in preparation for confirmation (like a catechism).  I began to feel inauthentic attending and soon stopped.  I didn’t attend another church until about 3 years ago when I found a Religious Science congregation.  I loved going there and what I was learning, but it was 50 miles one way and that soon got old.  Plus I realized that I couldn’t explain those beliefs to my Southern Baptist daughter and her seminary-attending husband, and it wasn’t long before I left that congregation.

As I write this, I’m observing the thoughts in my head.  Why do I leave what I can’t explain?  Do I have to know everything?  More questions to ponder.

Is that part of this Master Key process?  To question?  To delve deeper to find the meaning?

Two words that are speaking to me right now are Trust and Contentment.  What if I trust that the Universe wants to see me succeed.  Is that the universal power that I’m tapping into through my subconscious?  If I dwell in the Now, do things relax?  Become easier?  Release resistance?  Stop over-analyzing?

I don’t have the answers right now.  And for once, that’s OK.  And that of itself is a miracle.

Week 13 of the Master Key Experience

Week 13 – halfway through the Master Key Experience.  How is that even possible?  It’s kinda like 2017 – it flew by!  I was reading an article a friend shared with me that when you are ascending into a higher vibration, time either sllloooooooowwwwwssss down or speeds up.  It’s definitely sped up for me!

As usual, this has been a week of a-ha moments.  I’m eternally grateful for my MasterMind partner Naila for her encouragement and support as I faced an incredibly tough Tuesday.  It was one of those days when nothing seemed to go right and sobs just wracked my body.  My mind “knew” it was a form of detoxing the old emotions and thoughts, but my body thought I was going crazy!  Naila smartly reminded me to concentrate on the 7 Laws of the Mind and to find something that made me happy and focus on that.  I have a portable infrared sauna (love that thing!) and I usually either listen to a meditation or my affirmations while I’m heating up.  This time I found a YouTube playlist of Partridge Family songs.  Yeah, interesting choice! LOL!  But listening to songs from my childhood with adult ears and thinking metaphorically, the songs had incredible new meaning.   I still remembered all of the words…more proof that the subbie remembers EVERYTHING! Plus Naila pointed out that I was dropping off more cement by getting back to a time when I was carefree and felt such joy and love (thanks, my friend!).

I Woke Up in Love This Morning

Last night, I turned out the light,
lay down and thought about you.
I tho’t about the way that it could be.
Two o’clock, wond’rin’ what I’m doin’ here alone without you.
So, I close my eyes and dream you here to me.

And I woke up in love this mornin’.
I woke up in love this mornin’.
Went to sleep with you on my mind.
I woke up in love this mornin’.
I woke up in love this mornin’.
Went to sleep with you on my mind.

Now as I’m listening to this, my mind is thinking metaphorically about the “you” being my future self. And dreaming of bringing my future self to the present.  Going to sleep with my future self on my mind, especially after reading my Press Release each evening.  Maybe it’s a stretch, but that’s immediately what popped in my head.

Then later in the song rotation, this one pops up…

It’s All In Your Mind

You can be what you feel; life is a ferris wheel, come take a ride
It’s on the inside where you will find it’s all in your mind

Listen, listen
You take a friend of mine, he was sad all the time then he got smart
He opened his mind, and it helped him to find it’s all in your mind
It’s all in your mind, it’s all in your mind

Listen, listen
It doesn’t matter at all who you are or what you need
Just take a look inside, I’m sure you’ll find it’s there in your mind
Baby, it’s all in your mind, baby, it’s all in your mind

Who needs money in a land of milk and honey?
I’ll tell you one more time
You’ll find it in your mind
Baby, it’s all in your mind
Listen, listen 

You can be what you feel

Life isn’t really real

It’s up or down

Get your feet on the ground and maybe 

You’ll find it’s all in your mind


Who knew the Partridge Family was singing about having a positive mindset while I was listening to them about 45 years ago? LOL!

Another a-ha this week was remembering something that happened with my daughter when she was in 4th grade.  She was in an advanced math class and was beginning to struggle.  I asked her teacher if the material was too difficult for her.  She said, “No, it’s just the first time that something hasn’t come easily to her and she’s having to work at it.”  Some of the things we’ve been doing with the Master Keys haven’t come easy to me and I realized that much of my life has come easily.  When I look over my index cards about my accomplishments, I remember a few of them being tough to do, but most of them really were easy.  Maybe that’s me looking back after having accomplished them, but I really don’t remember them being difficult.  Is that perspective or just that this is something, like my daughter’s math class, that is challenging my brain in ways it never has before?  Still mulling over that one.

Well, I’m off to go spend some time with my family over the holiday weekend.  My in-laws are coming to town and we’ll do lots of the touristy things in Nashville they love to do.  I’ll be wearing my compass, saying my mantra (I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!) and I intend to have an absolutely fabulous time!

Happy Holidays to all!