Hi y’all!  I’m Vicki Drobnis, health and fitness enthusiast, master trainer, educator, entrepreneur, and leadership fanatic.

My area of expertise is encouraging and inspiring others to understand they are capable of living their best possible lives. I am enthusiastic, positive and a go-getter who loves a challenge! Giving back to my community and helping others believe in greatness through gratitude is my source of satisfaction and fulfillment.

My diverse background includes:
13 years of education leadership and volunteer coordination
10 years of real estate financing/underwriting along with property development and management
4 years trust and wealth management
4 years healthcare administration and quality development
14 years health and fitness training

I help people create a plan to live their best lives and teach them how to do the same for others.  If that’s something that resonates with you, let’s chat to see how we can help each other and the world!