Starting the Master Key experience

This past Sunday I began a six month journey into discovering myself and what makes me tick.  I’m not even sure how I came about the Master Key MasterMind Allilance, except that when I saw it, I knew it was for me.  I’ve learned to trust those nudges from the Universe.  So I watched the videos, made my scholarship application and here I am…writing a blog.  Blogging is something I’ve been talking about doing for awhile, so this assignment was the nudge to do it!

There are set requirements that need to be met to keep the scholarship.  I’m making the commitment to complete all assignments for the program to myself and the group and to my blog readers.  Publicly saying that felt a little scary. It’s definitely one of those leap-and-learn-to-use-my-wings-on-the-way-down experiences.

One of the first week’s assignments is to sit in stillness for 15 minutes per day.  No movement, just your thoughts running around in your head.  As someone who’s meditated for awhile, I thought this would be a piece of cake.  The first day I did this before the group started, it was.  Easy-peasy.  Since then…not so much, though today was better than yesterday.  What was intriguing to me was how much my thoughts affected my body’s desire to move.  I would think of something, for example, thinking about a relaxing beach, and my legs would want to move as if I was walking.  I could actually feel the nerves firing my muscles (thank you, T-Tapp for the incredible body awareness I have).  I caught them before they moved (mainly because I didn’t want to start the 15 minutes over again, LOL!), and that made me even more aware of how much our minds affect our bodies and our impulses.   One of those a-ha moments.

Another thing I’ve noticed is about how our perceived limits will try to keep us in line.  I mentioned this in my Facebook Live today.  I have woken up the past couple of mornings after doing my reading the evening before (another requirement and one I’m enjoying more and more) feeling like I was starting to come down with a cold or bug.  Just a little achy feeling or tightness around my ears and throat.  Usually that would keep me in bed to rest, but with the morning required reading, I got up to read.  Yesterday, that was all it took.  Today, it took getting up, reading, moving around, and eating breakfast before I decided I felt like I could try a short workout (my usual early morning activity).  After my workout, chi machine, and sauna, I felt amazing and continue to feel that way as I type.  Guess this morning it took proving to myself I really wasn’t sick.

So how is this a sign of my upper limits keeping me in line?  One way limits like to attempt to hold me back is to “make” me feel tired, sick, or otherwise unwell when I’ve either made a big breakthrough or come close to one.  It’s like my body needs to catch up with my mind.  It’s a defense mechanism for the ego saying to you, “it can’t possibly be this good or this simple.” Once you recognize the blueprint or programs going on in the background, it becomes easier to catch the “sickness” earlier, like I did today.

And this is what this six month Master Key journey is all about…discovering my blueprint and recreating it.  There’s probably more to it than simply that, but that’s what the journey is about…discovering me!  I’m excited to be taking this journey and will be blogging about it weekly throughout the six months.

Stay tuned!