Week 5 of the Master Key Experience

To say the past week has been challenging would be an understatement.  Before the Master Keys, I likely would’ve written off doing much work or even personal development work with such challenges as I encountered.

Last week I had earned the Plexus Leaders Retreat in Orlando, Florida (my 4th time attending!), and my old blueprint was screaming at me to take the time off and just relax.  I chose not to listen and completed my work and my MK habits, although in a different place and with some modifications (no loud voice while saying my Blueprint Builder and DMP in the hotel room!).

While in Orlando, we received word from our pet sitter that one of our dogs, Rex, had a large swollen spot on his leg.  Fortunately our pet sitter is a veterinarian technician, so she took him to the emergency clinic.  We headed home early from the event and arrived back in Nashville Sunday morning at 9am to pick up Rex and take him home.  Several vet appointments took place over the next few days in an attempt to discover the cause of his problem, now completely cutting off the circulation to his leg and rendering him unable to walk without support.  Again, my old blueprint kept coming up with excuses for me not to keep my promises.  “It’ll be ok.  Everyone will understand.  Look at all you’re dealing with,” it lied to me subtly.  Again, I chose to keep moving forward and keep my promises, although some of those readings of my DMP and cards were said with tears.

On Wednesday, we said goodbye to our loyal companion Rex.  My hubby and I were with him as he eased into his next incarnation.  I am forever grateful for all he taught us.  Animals can be the best teachers, can’t they?  This big guy came into our lives unexpectedly when we weren’t looking for another dog.  We had 10 years of fun and adventures with him.  He traveled to Boston, South Carolina, Alabama, and all places in between.  He was the bull in the china shop, never quite knowing how big he was and acting like a puppy up to the end.  Despite looking ferocious, he was a gentle giant who let our cats boss him around and he was fiercely protective of our girl dogs, Karen and Gracie.  He showed us how to live fully and love life!  We’ll miss you, big guy!

So despite all the interruptions to my “master plan” for my week, the good habits I had made my slave served me well.  My habits kept me focused and from drowning in too much sorrow and also kept me on the path to fulfilling my DMP.  I discovered I could keep my MK commitments while on the road, if not perfectly, at least creatively.  And I learned that it’s all part of the journey, creating my own unique mosaic of my life’s path.

Week 4 of My Master Key Experience

Week 4 has been an interesting experience to say the least. In some ways, it’s been easy. The latest draft of my DMP seemed to simply flow from my pen. Imaginative words came to me, some with the help of a thesaurus. Mark, seeing your DMP really helped me grasp what to be aiming for. Thank you for that!  I also was able to condense my DMP into the movie trailer version easier than I expected. After I got the latest DMP revision, that part also flowed.

Week 4 of Haanel also clicked for me. As I continue to read in the Master Keys, what Haanel is saying is really resonating with me. As I said in a previous blog post, it’s like Haanel has summed up my previous study of LOA and Science of Mind in one tidy package.

Yoda Do or Do Not

My old blueprint has been grasping for straws this week. As I meditate, I have earworms pop up. The music I’ve been listening to lately is very positive (for example, Get Back Up Again) so at least if the songs pop in my head, they’re good ones!  This song from my childhood ties in so much with weeks 3 and 4 of the Master Keys – The Law of Giving and Receiving and having the sunshine in you! 🙂

This week is the first week that I’ve been outside of my norm. I’m traveling to a Leaders Retreat with my company, so keeping my routine has been a bit of a challenge. It’s the first time I’ve read my cards and DMP out loud to my hubby. At first it felt strange, but now he’s getting excited about my DMP. I even meditated in the car while he was driving. It wasn’t easy, but I did it! 🙂

I’m now quickly recognizing when the excuses want to pop up. I catch myself if it goes contrary to what I’ve written in my DMP, especially when it comes to the sacrifices I’ve said I’m making to reach my goals. I realize that I’ve made promises to the most important person…ME!


Week 3 of my Master Key Experience

Week 3 already and it keeps getting better and better!

I think week 3’s reading from Haanel is my fave so far.  It’s like everything I’ve ever known from Abraham Hicks, The Secret, Hay House, Law of Attraction, and Science of Mind have all been tied up into a beautiful gift to enjoy!

I’m catching when my old blueprint still wants to assert its way, and I’m able to pivot my thoughts more quickly.  Essentially a “Thank you for sharing. Now let’s go this way.” response from my new blueprint to the old one.  I LOVE that Mark had us take out the word “will” in The Greatest Salesman! I’ve removed it from my Blueprint Builder as well, and it’s seemed to sink in much better than before.  Being a firm believer and user of affirmations, that word “will” was like a spur in my boot as I had been reading over the past couple of weeks.  Now it flows so much more smoothly!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing some of what I’ve been learning through the Master Keys and other readings in Facebook Lives on my Facebook page.  I used to be a high school teacher, so to me this reminds me of teaching my class.  My students remember we always had a positive quote of the day on the board that was changed daily.  Sometimes it applied to the lesson, but often times I just went with what spoke to me from the many books on motivation and motivational quotes I have.  At least one student, often more, would tell me how much that particular quote spoke to them and how it was what they needed that day.  Universal Mind, anyone? 🙂  Here’s one of this week’s Facebook Lives talking about being aware of what we’re creating and where our energy is flowing.

Synchronicities continue to pop up all over the place.  One of my friends shared this book with me, and it’s amazing how much the Master Key experience and this book gel together.

Into the Magic Shop

I guess you can tell from my blog posts how much I’m enjoying this Master Key experience! As I was telling my guide this week, I have normally been a person who wanted to get to the end of an experience so that it was either DONE and on to the next experience or so that I knew what was coming.  My first thought when I started this experience was to read through The Greatest Salesman and then do the reading as instructed.  Something stopped me and said, “Trust the journey. You don’t have to know everything right now.”  So I have taken those instructions to heart and done my reading as instructed.

And now I trust that all unfolds exactly as it’s meant to be!

Week 2 of the Master Key Experience

Week 2 has been one of the most eye-opening and synchronistic weeks I’ve ever experienced. I used to think I understood the Law of Attraction, you know, think good thoughts and feel happy and everything falls into place.  But now I have a deeper understanding of WHY this happens.  The reading from Haanel’s week 2 Master Key writings make this so much clearer than I’ve ever understood before.  Although, when I first read it last Sunday, it did kinda read like stereo instructions. But now it simply flows and makes so much sense!

Over the past week, I’ve been seeing blue rectangles.  Why, you may ask? Well, because it’s part of an exercise to reprogram our minds.  Tonight’s blue rectangle was icing on the cake!  My sweet hubby bought me a card, just because, and it was in a blue envelope (rectangle) and the card spoke of all I’m experiencing as part of this Master Key Master Mind experience.  The card is also blue.

Blue rectangle card from Adam

Of course, I love the message, but when I realized the card was a blue rectangle, it was like the absolute coolest moment…realizing my thoughts have the power to change my reality.  Talk about a mind-blowing experience!  I’m still flying from it!

Over this past week, the totally unexpected synchronicities that have happened have been clear demonstrations of the power of my subconscious mind and the habits I’m learning through my MKMMA experience are totally changing my life!

I can’t wait to see what fabulous experiences are next! 🙂