Week 3 of my Master Key Experience

Week 3 already and it keeps getting better and better!

I think week 3’s reading from Haanel is my fave so far.  It’s like everything I’ve ever known from Abraham Hicks, The Secret, Hay House, Law of Attraction, and Science of Mind have all been tied up into a beautiful gift to enjoy!

I’m catching when my old blueprint still wants to assert its way, and I’m able to pivot my thoughts more quickly.  Essentially a “Thank you for sharing. Now let’s go this way.” response from my new blueprint to the old one.  I LOVE that Mark had us take out the word “will” in The Greatest Salesman! I’ve removed it from my Blueprint Builder as well, and it’s seemed to sink in much better than before.  Being a firm believer and user of affirmations, that word “will” was like a spur in my boot as I had been reading over the past couple of weeks.  Now it flows so much more smoothly!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing some of what I’ve been learning through the Master Keys and other readings in Facebook Lives on my Facebook page.  I used to be a high school teacher, so to me this reminds me of teaching my class.  My students remember we always had a positive quote of the day on the board that was changed daily.  Sometimes it applied to the lesson, but often times I just went with what spoke to me from the many books on motivation and motivational quotes I have.  At least one student, often more, would tell me how much that particular quote spoke to them and how it was what they needed that day.  Universal Mind, anyone? 🙂  Here’s one of this week’s Facebook Lives talking about being aware of what we’re creating and where our energy is flowing.

Synchronicities continue to pop up all over the place.  One of my friends shared this book with me, and it’s amazing how much the Master Key experience and this book gel together.

Into the Magic Shop

I guess you can tell from my blog posts how much I’m enjoying this Master Key experience! As I was telling my guide this week, I have normally been a person who wanted to get to the end of an experience so that it was either DONE and on to the next experience or so that I knew what was coming.  My first thought when I started this experience was to read through The Greatest Salesman and then do the reading as instructed.  Something stopped me and said, “Trust the journey. You don’t have to know everything right now.”  So I have taken those instructions to heart and done my reading as instructed.

And now I trust that all unfolds exactly as it’s meant to be!

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