Week 10 of the Master Key Experience

Wow, this has been a week of a-ha moments!

First, I really missed having a webinar on Sunday.  I know I could’ve popped on the coffee chat, but I had made plans to take the weekend OFF to recoup and rest, so I didn’t attend.  Instead I watched a hero journey movie (or rather heroine journey) – Beauty and the Beast (the live action one).  How cool it was to see the hero’s journey being told and to know what it was.  It was also a vivid reminder of how what we see influences our emotions, especially as I sat with tears going down my cheeks at the end of the movie.  A-ha #1

Next, the first page of Part 10 of the Master Key about thinking only in self-defense…OUCH!  Talk about hitting home.  In the past, I have always had an excuse for something.  Traffic…not enough time…something someone said to me that made me mad or sad…the list could go on and on.  I’ve always considered myself a very responsible person, so why did I do that?  In reflecting on this over this week, it occurred to me that I am a perfectionist (well, it’s not the first time that’s occurred to me! LOL!).  If I was doing things perfectly in my mind and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, well then it must be someone else’s fault.  Very arrogant of me and irresponsible.  After all, it is my response-ability.  The only thing I can control is my response.  A-ha #2

Today began the switch to Scroll 3…do any of my fellow MKMMA-ers feel like Scroll 2 flew by?   I kinda got a preview of Scroll 3 when this magnet fell of the card my hubby gave me back around week 2…

Blue rectangle card magnet from Adam

…as in fell off right where my hand was on my desk.  Yes, thank you Universe for making this so clear!  I don’t read ahead in The Greatest Salesman, so I had no idea this month’s theme is persistence.  A-ha #3

I also had a Zoom with my guide Linda about my DMP because I’d been feeling my PPN of Liberty wasn’t feeling so “me” anymore.  True Health was a no-brainer for one PPN.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m totally into health, nutrition, and fitness.  But Liberty wasn’t gelling.  Yes, I want liberty, but I wanted something more.  As we talked (ok, I talked, she listened!), it became very apparent Legacy was what I needed.   As a former high school teacher, nothing thrills my heart more than to hear a former student say that what I taught them made an impact on their lives and that it’s something they carry forward with them in their jobs and/or families.  That’s creating a legacy.  So now my DMP flows better and it feels more like “me”.  A-ha #4

Finally, my MasterMind partner and I had our first Zoom together today.  We’d been communicating through Facebook and What’s App, but had set today as our first Zoom to determine how best to support each other’s DMP.  What happened today was absolutely freakin’ amazing!  We live 6 times zones away from each other, on two separate continents, work with two different network marketing companies, are of two different nationalities, and yet we are so incredibly similar!  As in like scary-similar!  We have both been looking for a way to practice our Go90Grow skills to expand our businesses and teach our teams the skills.  The excitement I feel about what we planned for our next connections simply cannot be put into words!  It’s going to enhance not only each other, but also our teams!  A-ha #5

In September, I didn’t know I was seeking the MKMMA program, but it sure was seeking me!  Ain’t it gorgeous when something is coming together so beautifully?

The best is yet to come

3 thoughts on “Week 10 of the Master Key Experience

  • December 2, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    Wow, you have had a fantastic week. Congrats on all the aha moments. I agree with you on scroll 2. It seemed to fly by. Also, one of my PPN is Legacy and I totally get that feeling of satisfaction when someone gets it and you had something to do with it. Great post.

  • December 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Great Blog Vicki!
    Those a-ha moments are like the final pieces of a puzzle. When they click everything becomes crystal clear.


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