Week 24 of the Master Key Experience

Week 24…the final lesson of this course. When I began 6 months ago, I had no idea where this would lead me. I was excited yet apprehensive, curious yet concerned. Would I be able to keep up with the work? What changes would this make in my life? Would it be worth the effort?

Well, yes I did keep up with the work. A few slips here and there, and then I’d get back on track.

Changes? Oh my! More even temperament! A feeling of hope that I can accomplish anything! Tools that I thought I understood before I now understand in a whole different light. New friends from all over the world who feel like family! More confidence in my abilities and dreams than I ever had before! A better relationship with my mother, my son, my daughter, and my hubby! Improved habits that keep me focused on my goals!

YES, it has been worth every bit of effort! And effort it has been. As Haanel says in 24-10, “Remember, and this is one of the most difficult as well as most wonderful statements to grasp…remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but to convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested.” and 24-19, “Your life and your actions and your influence in the world will depend upon the degree of truth which you are enabled to perceive, for truth will not manifest in creeds, but in conduct.”

As I’ve written before, I’m a huge fan of The Greatest Showman. I finally got to see it a couple of weeks ago, and there is not a better explanation of the Master Key/Hero’s Journey experience than this song from that movie…

So to Mark, Davene, Derek, GG, Dayna, my guide Linda, my MasterMind partners Naila and Stephana, Tribe members Jim, Darlene, Donna, Tammy, Candy, and everyone else who ventured forth with me during these past six months, thank you for your presence in my life. You all have blessed me in ways I could never imagine and in ways I will never forget.

Week 23 of the Master Key Experience

I live an endlessly metaphorical life.

I love seeing signs and deeper meanings to my life, books, movies, music, people, situations, etc.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, I got my first progressive glasses.  They tell you there’s a learning curve with these glasses as you have to train your brain in the direction you wish to focus.  For the first couple of days, it felt like I was in a fun house, unable to tell if indeed “objects are closer than they appear” or what was in my periphery.  Slowly my eyes became accustomed to the new lenses and I can see fairly normally now.  But at times, I still must shift my head to focus on what I’m reading or looking at.

What a fantastic metaphor for focusing with our minds!  We choose what to view and what to think.  We have a choice.  What we choose determines our life and our response-ability for what happens.  I see it as no coincidence that I began wearing these new lenses during my Master Key experience.

So as I come near the end of my Master Key experience (two more weeks!), it’s really the beginning.  Am I a self-directed thinker?  Have I created the habits necessary to fulfill my DMP?  I’m seeing doors open in ways I could’ve never imagined.  I wake up excited for the day to come!  If something negative happens, I can pivot fairly quickly or at least not let it drag me down the way it would’ve before.  Progress!

Stay tuned!  There’s more to come!  🙂


Week 22a of the Master Key Experience

The week began on a scary note.  Not that anything scary actually happened, but my mind and old blueprint sure made a good impression that it had.  I’m doing my yoga practice Sunday morning and all of a sudden I got this overwhelming feeling of fear and dread.  My hubby was out of the house that morning, so of course I worried it was about him.  This has been an old recurring thing – worrying about him when he’s not around.  This time it was so overwhelming that it got me off my mat and I sobbed in my chair.  At times feelings will come up as I’m doing my exercise programs, and I’ve always considered it a form of detox and release from the movement.  #issuesinthetissues

This felt different.  Like I was tuned in to some sort of connection and I even checked the online news to be sure there was no mention of an accident.  I did text my hubby and he didn’t reply until about 30 minutes later.  Thirty agonizing minutes later.  After knowing he was safe, I went back to my yoga practice to attempt to ground and center myself again.  Let’s just say it wasn’t my best yoga practice.  Near the end of my practice I felt the strong urge to yawn and it felt like the fear left my body through this “yawn” and then…nothing.

The rest of the day I quietly read and disconnected from social media.

The remainder of the week has been nothing short of miraculous!

As I eased into the week, things began to flow more easily.  I felt grounded, connected, in alignment.  As the week unfolded, miracles happened.  Timely connections happened.  Things flowed smoothly.  Answers to questions I’ve had for months were suddenly revealed in astounding ways!

Today as I write this, I feel like I’m a new person, yet reconnected to ME!  I have new vision for the direction my life is going and a renewed sense of purpose.  I’ll be revising my DMP because of the alignment with the clarity of purpose that revealed itself to me this week.  The weight has been lifted.  The extra space that was being taken up in my brain has been released and there’s room for creative insights and new directions!

I’m still processing all this new clarity and how to incorporate in my life.  For now, I have absolute faith and trust in the unfolding and no longer feel the need to know exactly how it’s going to come about.

All I know is it is unfolding beautifully and I am so blessed!

Stay tuned! 🙂

Week 22 of the Master Key Experience – The Sound of Silence

During the webinar last Sunday, Mark suggested (not required) for us to do a time of silent reflection.  No texting, no computer, no talking, no texting, no music, no reading, no texting, no Facebook, no Twitter, etc. (Did I mention no texting?).  Immediately this appealed to me.  I even commented in the chat that I had been adding in an extra sit meditation during the day because it helped to calm my mind.  When I made the decision to have my silent retreat the next day (it simply worked out for me to do it that quickly), I felt energy moving around in the front of my brain (prefrontal cortex) and the right side of my head (temporal lobe).  Interesting feeling.  Not sure what it means.  Any brain experts out there?

Monday dawns quietly.  I did my Og reading and read my affirmation and service cards silently to myself.  I did my T-Tapp and Kundalini yoga from memory silently.  As I lay on the floor after my workout on my chi machine, I felt a layer of cement “burst” off my body, similar to my first acupuncture session in 2014 where I felt like a Vicki-shaped balloon “popped” and collapsed back on me.

During the day, my manifesting ability came quickly.  I only needed to think of something and there it was.  For example, I was looking at the beautiful blue sky out my window and thought how beautiful it is to be flying with my hubby and immediately a plane flew overhead.  I thought back to a previous day I spent totally by myself back in 1995 where I went to the Riverbanks Zoo and saw a spider web that looked like a vinyl record playing on a record player in the spring breeze.  Immediately a spider goes crawling across my window.

I ate a small lunch and did my lunchtime reading and another meditation.  I felt at rest, peaceful, content…all was right with the world.  Bliss.

During the afternoon, I watched planes fly overhead (evidently we’re on a flight pathway) every 15-20 minutes.  I thought about the 100 or more people on board and wondered what their lives were like.  Did they know that I was on the Earth below watching them traverse the sky?  Or were they wrapped up in their devices or napping as they flew over Tennessee?

After my hubby left to go see a client, I did feel a bit anxious about not having my phone on.  What if he needed me?  What if he had a wreck?  What if someone needed to reach me?  I tried to soothe myself by remembering I hadn’t had a cell phone until I was in my late 20s and had managed to survive quite well. 🙂

Still, there was a feeling of relief when I heard my hubby open the door returning home.  Yet also, I felt a bit of guilt that I had done nothing money-making all day long.  As I thought that, a hot flash ran through me.  Embarrassment?  Shame?  Guilt?

Because it was dark and quiet, I decided to go to bed by 8pm.  I slept soundly through the night and awoke feeling a bit anxious.  What had I missed?  What did I need to do now that my silent retreat was complete?  I then decided I needed to do another one, preferably longer and with a little more notice to be sure I wouldn’t feel as if I had left anything undone.

So what did I learn?  I learned the world goes on quite well without me.  A somewhat comforting thought and yet also a little disturbing.  If the world could survive without me, then what was my purpose in being here?  Deep thoughts to be contemplated on the next silent retreat.

I am most grateful this was suggested for us to do.  It is something I will do again.

Have you ever done a silent retreat?  Share your experience and observations in the comments, please.  What changed for you by doing this?


Vicki Drobnis

Plexus Diamond Ambassador Vicki Drobnis and husband Emerald Ambassador Adam Drobnis build Monolithic 3-dome home in Dickson, TN. 

Vicki Drobnis, well-known Dickson County community supporter, Leadership Dickson County board member and past President, Dickson County Chamber of Commerce member, and Plexus Diamond Ambassador and her husband Adam of AVD Enterprises of Dickson recently completed construction of their three-dome dream home near Dickson.  This Monolithic dome home boasts the latest in security, storm and fire protection, as well as stunning murals that bring the great outdoors into many of the rooms.  The over 3,000 square feet of comfortable living space consists of 5 bedrooms and 3 baths including a master suite with a sunken Jacuzzi tub and infrared sauna, his and hers workout rooms, his and hers offices, and a two-story living room with a platform for their heirloom Mason and Hamlin grand piano. Nestled in the hillside of their 50 acres, this unique home gazes out into the thick Tennessee hardwoods providing a panorama of natural views.  Vicki and Adam remodeled their former home on the same property into a guest cabin for friends and family to visit.  This cabin consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, workout room, and an expansive deck with gorgeous sunset views.

Vicki joined Plexus Worldwide, an international health and wellness network marketing company renowned for its gut health products and unique compensation plan, in June of 2014.  She rapidly rose up through the ranks, achieving Diamond this past year.  With her unique leadership skills, Vicki is considered one of the top Plexus leaders and is often called on to speak at corporate events all across the US and Canada.  Vicki and her husband Adam travel to these speaking engagements in their 40-foot ShowHauler RV and often bring their grandchildren with them to roam the highways and byways of North America.  Vicki says, “Plexus provided the vehicle, in more ways than one, for us to fulfill our dreams of freedom and true health!”

Also a T-Tapp Master Fitness Trainer, Vicki looks far younger than her 56 years.  True health and wellness are passions of Vicki’s.  By eating a plant-based diet, Vicki glows with effervescent energy and confidence and helps others thrive with fitness, nutrition, supplements, and creating a positive mindset to live life to the fullest.  As part of their travels through North America, Vicki shares health and happiness with everyone she meets.

Vicki and Adam fulfilled their dream of a second honeymoon in Maui.  As a Diamond in Plexus, Vicki earned both the Diamond Destination at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua and the Emerald Extravaganza at the Grand Wailea.  They had previously traveled to Hawaii on their 10th anniversary, so having a paid-in-full dream vacation for their 20th anniversary was a dream come true.  While in Maui, Vicki and Adam went scuba diving in the crystal blue ocean waters, surfing, and cruised the road to Hana captivated by this tropical paradise. Also while in Maui, Vicki’s Diamond Documentary was filmed, “I felt like such like a movie star filming my Diamond Documentary with so many of my team members and dear friends!”